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theo grew up in south london and watched films on his dads betamax and did tae kwon do and when he was seventeen he trained as a hairdresser but couldnt master the wet look perm so he waited tables at little chef and then manned the tills at blockbusters and if that isnt a cliche trajectory for a filmmaker then he doesnt know what is but proofs in the pudding because his debut feature film is being developed with the bfi and his first original series is being developed with clerkenwell films and all three of his shorts have premiered at the bfi london film festival and channel 4 picked him out of a gazillion other directors to make a road movie for a bafta winning show and most recently he won lots of shiny commercial awards like the young director award at cannes lions and best new director at shots and best film at kinsale sharks but all of that came with a price because now he cant do a reverse jumping roundhouse kick anymore but he can weirdly say any word you can think of backwards at the drop of a hat which isnt the reason he got signed to independent for narrative work or knucklehead for commercials and music videos nor is it because he hates grammar and capital letters but despite having the confidence to say hes pretty fucking good at his job he lets his work speak for itself which is always the moment he wishes he liked full stops

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